Knitwear from Vintage Goods

Vintage KnittersAll our knitwear at Vintage Goods is handmade by Loulou and Aunt Bessie who remember the past times with skill and experience. They have kept our attention to authentic detail in every garment that we have produced. Each category below is defined by the decade from which they came. Postage and packing is extra so before your order please contact me with your country of residence and the items you are interested in purchasing and I will work out the best postage prices.

Knitwear from the 1920's
1920 knitwear
Knitwear from the 1930's
Knitwear from 1930 Vintage Goods
Knitwear from the 1940's
Knitwear 1940 from Vintage Goods
Knitwear from the 1950's
Knitwear from 1950
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