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Old time bathroom suite in the 1930's art deco style.
Brand new "One Off" design.

This beautiful split colour glaze of lemon and white is a stunning centre piece for your art deco period bathroom.

Art Deco bathroom suite

For many years of my life I worked at the wonderful company of Bathroom Ceramics which specialised in producing bathroom suites from past times. Sadly this company is no more but whilst I had the facilities of the factory I produced this suite for my new bathroom.
As is often the case when you have the choice of ninety odd different coloured glazes to choose from, I had just produced this “one off” when I set my heart on another colour combination which is now installed in my home.
Consequently this suite has sat in boxes in storage and I really must sell it on to someone else who will enjoy its unique style.

This is a genuine OneOff, the only one of its kind so not only will it set off any period bathroom, you certainly will not bump into another one like this. How often can you say that in this modern world of bland white bathroom suites.

This bathroom suite is for sale minus the taps shown in the image. It includes the basin and basin pedestal, the WC pan and water cistern with the lovely chrome water pipe as shown.
Sadly due to the fact that this is china ware and also as this is a complete “One Off” it is only available as personal collection from my North Yorkshire home by arrangement.

The price for this unique suite is £575.00

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